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Increase your Oracle Secure Global Desktop business with an amitego partner ship.

amitego, a longtime Oracle Partner, uses Oracle Secure Global Desktop to close an imported security gap:


Control & Management of privileged users during their access to servers, data and cloud solutions.


This is an important factor in security policies and requested by any kind of industries. amitego offers system integrators worldwide to become a VISULOX partner. Within this partnership, amitego provides technical and business support.

VISULOX is an ideal complementary sales product to increase consulting and licenses revenue.

VISULOX – a solution that withstands any comparison

VISULOX is considered in projects like "Remote Access and Control Management", "Session Management", "Network Control", "Data lost prevention", "Compliance and Auditing", "BYOD/UYOD Endpoint control" and many others. All these projects are under the banner of "Security Solution". Security Solutions never fit out of the box, they always have customer individual requirements. Many customers are requesting a comparison of VISULOX to other products. But how could we provide a product comparison sheet, not knowing the project requirement! 

The IT Security Product Catalog has many items, and each product has different approaches and use cases. With this article we list use cases, explanations and features


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VISULOX – Vision meets Customer Needs